Baxter continues to create the best workplace in China by winning the "2020 Excellent Workplace Certification"

Press Release
GPTW 2020


Baxter was recently awarded the "2020 Great Place to Work® Certified™ Organization in China" by Great Place to Work® for its outstanding achievements in talent development, employee well-being, and a culture of innovation. This is also the second time that Baxter has been awarded this certification. Created by the world's leading authority on workplace excellence ®, the Workplace Excellence Certification measures the strength of an employer's brand from both internal and external perspectives using a professional evaluation model. This certification affirms the company's continued efforts to create the best places to work.

Shirley Xu, President of Baxter Greater China, said, "Baxter has been in China for more than 30 years and has always valued our employees as our best partners in sustaining and saving lives. Focusing on the growth of our employees' professional fields, caring for their well-being and health, and creating a diverse and innovative workplace are the only ways to build an inclusive, high-performing, innovative and agile organization that will help us make new contributions to patients and society in the healthcare areas we specialize in."

As an innovative leader in healthcare, Baxter is committed to embracing the future of healthcare reform through a "people-centered" corporate culture. In terms of talent development, Baxter has been providing employees with opportunities and resources for sustainable growth for a long time. In 2019, the + ME program was launched to encourage employees to participate independently and develop in multiple ways.
To promote employee well-being, help employees achieve work-life balance through flexible workplaces, and promote well-being through psychological support programs; In order to promote a culture of innovation, Baxter headquarters began to eliminate the performance scoring system at the end of 2016. Instead, it encourages high frequency and high quality A.C.E feedback (Align, check-in, Execute) between managers and employees on performance and development, and continuous feedback within the organization. At the same time, in order to promote inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace, Baxter has actively launched a variety of initiatives to support the development of women in the workplace and promote the care of female employees.

"This award recognizes Baxter's long-standing focus on innovation and improving organizational capabilities," said Kitty Zhao, Senior Director of Human Resources for Baxter Greater China. In the future, Baxter will continue to be committed to creating a people-oriented, mutual trust, tolerance, compliance and efficient workplace environment, adhering to the spirit of 'speed, simplification, courage, collaboration', help every employee to grow rapidly in the enterprise, and jointly practice the mission of 'saving and sustaining lives'."